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I hope you like my music, I have put a lot of myself, my heart and of course much effort in it. My first tracks are recorded and mixed in I/O studios in Malmö, Sweden. The mastering of the tracks was done at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK (You know, the famous Beatles Studio?). I have many more songs coming up, I am really looking forward to play them to you. I wrote most of the tracks together with my sister Sofia, some all by myself. 

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My name is Emilia Álvarez, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love art and have been singing, painting and creating ever since childhood. It was not until I was 25 years old and after spending a year in Australia that I started to write music. All of a sudden it felt natural to express words that flew from my thoughts and in to my writing hand. The words belonged together with a rhythm and meaning, reflected from my emotions, experiences and dreams. It is with great pleasure that I present my first recorded songs. I’m hoping you will love my music just as much as I do. That it will speak to you in its own unique way, comfort and give you strength.

The summary of my life is that I was born on an island called Öland, in Sweden. My mother is Finnish and my father Spanish, so you could with a pinch of humor say that I and my sisters are like genetic fruit cocktails. My childhood was lovely part of my life. The safe environment on the island where I grew up allowed us to play and spend a lot of time outdoors.

I always had a great interest for art, painting, acting and singing. After graduation I moved to Stockholm where I worked as a makeup artist for a couple of years, traveling around the world exploring as much as I could. 

After spending a year in Australia I started to write lyrics and poems that developed into a passion I now spend as much time possibly doing. Creating music that emotionally captures people. That the one who listens can identifiy him/herself, gain energy to follow their dreams and capture the moment to embrace what’s tough or good in life, is what really matters to me..


For social and fan contact ONLY please use my facebook page, I read everything and I try to answer as much as possible. Thank you for respecting this!

For professional contacts ONLY please email me at this adress: info@emiliaalvarez.com

Professional journalists and radio stations may request free promotional copies and/or download links from the label directly, please visit www.monophon.se (my label) to do so.

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