My name is Emilia Álvarez, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love art and have been singing, painting and creating ever since childhood. It was not until I was 25 years old and after spending a year in Australia that I started to write music. All of a sudden it felt natural to express words that flew from my thoughts and in to my writing hand. The words belonged together with a rhythm and meaning, reflected from my emotions, experiences and dreams. It is with great pleasure that I present my first recorded songs. I’m hoping you will love my music just as much as I do. That it will speak to you in its own unique way, comfort and give you strength.

The summary of my life is that I was born on an island called Öland, in Sweden. My mother is Finnish and my father Spanish, so you could with a pinch of humor say that I and my sisters are like genetic fruit cocktails. My childhood was lovely part of my life. The safe environment on the island where I grew up allowed us to play and spend a lot of time outdoors.

I always had a great interest for art, painting, acting and singing. After graduation I moved to Stockholm where I worked as a makeup artist for a couple of years, traveling around the world exploring as much as I could. 

After spending a year in Australia I started to write lyrics and poems that developed into a passion I now spend as much time possibly doing. Creating music that emotionally captures people. That the one who listens can identifiy him/herself, gain energy to follow their dreams and capture the moment to embrace what’s tough or good in life, is what really matters to me..